Number of days between two dates

First date: (previous) day month year
Last date: (following) day month year
Between the first and the last date days pass
(of which saturdays and sundays)

Add (or subtract) days to a certain date

Initial date: day month year
Number of days
to add (or subtract)
to the initial date:
(put - before
if you want to subtract)

Final date:

day month year

NOTE: You can also write dates before Christ, by using negative numbers, as the following examples:
1 b.C. = 0; 2 b.C. = -1; 44 b.C. = -43; etc. The result could be not exact for periods before 15 A.D., and surely not exact for periods before the Julian reform of 46 b.C.

I got the algorithm from the function to calculate the Julian number offered by Claus Tondering in his web site.

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